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The Happy Place


Head221015 Hey! That would be awesome on a T shirt! That is what we thought so here it is!


Just like that, its feels like summer. Pull up at the forest, running late. Switch work pants for Dobies. OK, work pants ARE Dobies. Change shoes, ready to go. No need for a backpack, I can fill my camelfrontTM at the tap, and top it off before climbing up to the main goal of the outing, the trail called Hot Cross Buns.

Bung the keys in one pocket, the phone in the other. Might see a stunning view, or a UFO, never know. Pedal off into the woods, feeling like the kid I used to be when I was sliding around the grapefruit tree on an after dinner backyard speedway session.

Everything goes well until the second to last corner on Hot Cross, where my mind gets ahead of my handlebars or goes somewhere else and without even registering how, I am on my back. Deep in the rut that exits that turn, which I now realise is the same shape and size as my back. My head is downhill, and my bike is on top, where I suspect it always wanted to be. I check my appendages, and everything seems to work. I flail around like a beetle, but I can’t get up. So briefly, I relax, lie back, and have a little rest (hoping there is nobody else coming down the trail).

This is more or less what I see

I wish I could say I fished my phone out of my pocket and took the photo for the t shirt from my resting position, but that would be a stretch. Literally and figuratively.




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