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The Nzo Moonride



Every year since the beginnings of mountain biking, Rotorua has hosted an event called the Moonride. Originally dreamed up by the visionary Fred Christensen, it may have been the first race of its type in the world, held in darkness and competed in by teams to make the whole thing less arduous and give everybody a go.

There have been versions that were cold, years that were wet, and some that were cold and wet. There have been big ones, huge ones, and really big, huge ones. Start times and event durations have moved around, but the concept has stayed true to its origins.

The 2014 version is refreshed with a longer lap, better trails, and Nzo at the top of the poster. We are getting in behind the event and we are looking forward to teaming up with Event Promotions to make it a good one.

For a lot of years we produced a t shirt each year for the event. One of our favourites was the 08 edition. I honestly can’t remember what inspired it, but we must have thought it was a goer because we ran 5 colours in the design. Just because we can, we are re-releasing the design for one week starting from today. You don’t have to have been there to get one!





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