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Stuff, and where I stuff it.



Travelling by bike is something everybody should do some time or other.

We once did half a lap of the South Island, and started with enough gear to set up a small apartment, including a moderate library. We shipped about one third of it home after the first day on the road, when the bikes turned out to be nearly ungovernable. About a third of the remainder followed a few days later after a couple of decent climbs. We took a side trip out to Milford, and to travel ‘fast’ we left most of our stuff behind at the campground in Queenstown. We experienced the worst extremes of weather and privation on that week-long dogleg, and survived, proving we really didn’t need the stash we had left in QT. To complicate the equation, we didn’t actually go any faster without it.

Experience helps a bike traveller head out with the correct amount of stuff: as little as possible.

But even with the barest of necessities, there needs to be a way to cart it. Back in the day we used bolt-on racks with bags festooned on them, but the bikes handled like they had developed their own ideas about where we were off to.

Today we have bags strapped directly to the bike. This seems so simple we don’t know why we didn’t think of it. Pictures of our bikes on our recent weekender have attracted a slew of emails asking about the bags, so here they are! Designed and made in Rotorua, New Zealand by Dancing Moose.




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