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This is the future we've been waiting for


GMuz&MarceloLast century, I worked for many years with a futurist. He applied his considerable intellect to figuring out what might come next, so we could be ready for whatever it might be. He passed away about 6 years ago. We miss having him around, but its the stuff he has already missed out on that really amazes me.
I thought of him when I took this photo with my phone, and stuck it on Facebook for the benefit of others less fortunate. To be able to take a high resolution photo in a forest using a phone, and publish it to the web right there in the woods, would have struck my old colleague as sci-fi.

This stuff was definitely around 6 years ago, but now its in everybody's backpack.
And that got me thinking about bikes: my favourite uncle set me on the bike-riding path. He was a skilled bike technician, an expert wheel-builder, and was very engaged with bikes of all types. He stepped off the planet in about 1982, so his last impression of a state-of-the-art bicycle was a 12 speed road racer. The idea of a bike with a reinforced plastic frame, 150mm of highly tuned suspension at both ends, hydraulic disk brakes, and a seat that can change height on the fly, weighing in at about a kilogram or two more than the latest road racer of his day, would have been as far-fetched to him as the idea of a forest with miles of purpose-built trails for bike-riders.
Even less likely: as we rush into the future with all this new stuff, one of the people in the photo I posted was riding a one-speed hardtail with rigid forks, by choice. With a twist: his frame and fork is made of high-tech carbon fibre.
He was wearing Nzo Sifters: a basic pair of shorts with a simple design, sewn together by hand, like shorts have been since somebody cut the bottom off their long pants. But the fabric, stretch polyester/nylon weave with a water repellant finish, makes the shorts fit like the 21st century things they are.

Its time for hoodies: we new-fangle an old-school idea by printing one for you personally: if you think that Banzai print would be better on black, let us know. We can do it.




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