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Fresh Rubber


Maxxis Minion DHF

Did someone say grip? I'd almost guarantee if you did a survey to see which front tyre most Rotorua locals are running, the DHF would come out on top. The DHF incorporates ramped knobs for low rolling resistance and channel-cut knobs to increase gripping edges, giving straight-line control and precise cornering. A true fan favourite for our variable trail conditions. 



Maxxis Aggressor

 A real winner in the Rotorua rear tyre competition, the Aggressor is designed for high-speed modern mountain bike trails. Advanced knob shaping creates extra gripping edges, and reinforced side knobs offer enhanced stability when cornering at speed. An all-around trail tire excelling on everything from loose cross country race courses to heavy all-mountain riding.


Bontrager SE4 Team Issue

Let's face it the Trek Factory Racing enduro team know a thing or two about riding fast so when they design, test and rave about a particular tyre we better sit up and take notice. The aggresive tread pattern provides excellent cornering and braking traction in demanding terrain, while the ramped knob design delivers incredibly fast rolling efficiency. Pair them up front and rear then hold on, this is going to be one hell of a fun ride.




WTB Vigilante

Predictability in all conditons is the name of the game for the WTB Vigilante. The square-lugged, open-tread pattern offers stability through wet or dry, while the prominent outer knobs grip at lean angles like nobody’s business. Ample spacing ensures it flings mud, while also allowing the knobs to bite into loose, chunky terrain. An Excellent all year round front tyre as well as being something I'd happily run out back on those uber-loose days. 


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