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W2K on a stellar day


A few weeks back we spent a great day at Whakaipo Bay on the north shore of Lake Taupo. I went for a long ride on the Great Lake trail, which now extends for 35kms one way! I didn’t go that far, but cruising past Kinloch to the lookout over Kawakawa Bay then returning via the headland loop made the ride something close to 60kms I guess. Because the trail has been built to a grade 2 or 3 level there is nowhere that is remotely technical, but there are some long downhill sections that are fun. Because the trail is so user friendly there were all manner of people out there enjoying it: a couple in their 70s on bikes, kids on foot, a guy in a really old pair of Dobies. There are some honest climbs, but they are not too steep and just about anybody ticking away in low gear will get to the top of them.

A good half hour before I set off another rider departed on his ride. After I got back and had a 5 second swim and a long sit down in the sun, we were getting ready for the homeward leg of the weekend. Just before dusk the other rider coasted to his car. He had been right to the other end of the trail, and around the headland loop twice. And back. That would give him about 90kms for the day’s total, a big ride by anybody’s standards.

He had driven all the way from Hastings, ridden 90kms off road, and was about to drive home again. The reason? He had a new bike.

Happy? Very. Worth the effort? He thought so.




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