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We don't know how lucky we are




It is easy, when living in a little lifeboat on the edge of the earth, to feel like a lot of other places have a more exciting offering.

We have just spent a great couple of weeks showing some American friends around our local patch, and it is interesting to see what we see every day through fresh eyes.

For a start, we have a lot of places to go riding. So do they, make no mistake, but ours are so easy to access. We think they found it surprising how many options we have so close to home, with access to trails no problem.

The other thing we don't have to think about is 'illegality'. We don't burgle walking tracks very often, but if we do the worse we can expect is the hairy eyeball from a hiker or two, but to be honest in thirty years of occasionally riding a walking track I have never personally experienced even that. I did see an altercation once between a mate and a ranger, but it was more funny than anything else, and once we had talked them out of hitting each other there was no further action taken. Apparently where our visitors come from there is a bit of animosity between user groups, but worse, there are rangers with the power to write out tickets with a $300 fine attached.

We don't have poison oak. We do have blackberry, but it is easy to avoid, or harvest and eat. We don't have mountain lions. Or bears, snakes, or even racoons. We have rabbits, and hedgehogs. Really prickly ones.






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