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We have been getting a lot of emails over the past month with enquiries about where our mountain bike shorts have gone. Our most popular models are out of stock in the most popular sizes, and people are asking when they will re-appear. It is an excellent question, so this blog post is a sort of Nzo status report.

Nzo is coming up on its 20th birthday, and we have been growing the re-invented direct-to-consumer version of Nzo for nearly 7 years.

We have found that Nzo works best with a small range of mountain bike shorts and original printed street gear. We have been really humbled by how well it has been going, and this business model is sustainable for us: it’s fun, we love talking directly to customers, and we like the process of making and marketing unique products we believe in, for a sport we love.

Our manufacturing partners let us know some months ago that they could not expand production to meet the demand we are experiencing. Frustrating for them, but also for us, because they were doing a great job, but nothing we could do would make them change their position.

The process of developing an Nzo supplier takes time. It takes many months of effort to get a factory geared up to make a product we are happy to offer to our customers.

Nzo is on track to deliver new versions of our most popular models for our Southern Hemisphere spring.

Our projections based on past performance told us that we had enough stock to see us through, but the strongest autumn we have ever had proved us wrong, and so we are out of some product lines.

We are sorry about that, and we’re really looking forward to the next season.


Stock for spring was optimistic as it turns out, but we have established the best production relationship we could have dreamed of, and the first products from our new manufacturing partners will appear in mid-January.




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