What's happened to the Nzo website!?

Nzo Dobies - "a signature piece of kiwi mountain biking kit"

That is what Spoke magazine said about the product that put us on the map.

Nzo's completely unique design - if we have a trademark product, this is it. 

Unbelievable comfort in a short that can be used in a variety of ways to suit the ride and the conditions. Dobies are a unisex light padded trail short. LEARN MORE 

Five thousand kilometres is a fair innings

I had an entertaining exchange a few weeks ago with an Nzo customer. He was writing to enquire about the fabrics we use in our shorts, and whether we had improved what we use since he ordered theRead more

The Big Question!

We get a lot of emails asking various questions, and among the most frequent is “what should I order, Dobies or Sifters?”  The question usually includes a fairly detailed explanation of theRead more

What's happened to the Nzo website!?

About 5 months ago we relocated all our stock to the back of a bike shop in Rotorua. The shop was called Nzo/Ride Central, and it has been Nzo’s only bricks & mortar outlet on earth for the lastRead more

The Photographer's Day Off

The man behind most of the decent photos in the Nzo story is Graeme Murray. We met on a mountain bike ride, shortly after we moved to Rotorua, the town we chose as a base to start Nzo. Graeme is aRead more

Pointless bicycles, and why we ride them

In case you are feeling less than optimal because of the weather, virus, politicians, current radio, or anything else really, this may help you beat those equinoxial blues.  Check out theRead more

Product testing and its downfalls

We’ll admit it. There are definite upsides to be in the business of bike stuff, and near to a whole heap of trails. People tell us we are very lucky, and we can’t disagree. Just so you don’tRead more

Getting with the programme

One of our mates has started a ‘training programme’. He has a ‘coach’. He is thinking about his entry in a ‘race’. I use inverted commas for his versions of these things because they allRead more

Growing MTB Parks

Last week we delivered a run of custom stuff for a special crew. They were happy with how it came out, we were very happy with how it came about. We made mountain bike tops and t shirts for a groupRead more

Timber Trail thoughts

During the festive season a mate penned a couple of articles for the local paper. These got us thinking about the state of our sport from where we sit… and it is amazing. And confusing, in equalRead more

A Team Effort

I came by a racing bike a couple of summers ago. An almost new, ridiculously light, state of the current art, carbon fibre framed machine festooned with the best Japanese equipment, comfy and extremeRead more

**it happened Here

In Rotorua we are in the middle of the hottest, driest spring since records began, or at least as long as we can remember. Trails are perfect in the trees, or dusty and falling apart where the sunRead more

Scratching Your Itch

Mountain biking is one of the few sports where the participants can create their facility. In many places, they have to. At the beginning, trails were mostly existing routes created for some otherRead more
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