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Weird times: are they here to stay?

  2020 has so far been the single weirdest year of our existence as a company. We are sure most of you will have a similar story, but in our case its has been so weird that we had to shut down for a while. The shutdown was called right in the middle of the best period of sales we have experienced since we went online in 2009. Things were going really well, even after we sent a newsletter saying deliveries were going to be slow and unpredictable. We also put the same message on our home page. Those two warnings about less-than-ideal service standards turned out to be the stimulus we have been looking for all along. Orders poured in, which...

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Beating boredom

Hi there from Lockdown! We are entertaining ourselves by keeping an eye on your orders, and reading the discussions on social media about what constitutes responsible outdoor exercise. Our leaders gave us guidelines for our first month of home time, and added that we may go outside to exercise, provided we stay in our bubble and keep it local. One side effect of this is that people who haven’t exercised since 1997 have understood the exercise clause to be an order, and bubbles are out in force. The other is the argument about what constitutes ‘local’. You might as well ask how long is a piece of string.  Five days in, we are looking for other ways to divert ourselves...

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Down here in New Zealand, we are about to go into Covid-19 Lockdown, with a capital L. Well, semi-lockdown. Supermarkets will remain open.  Apparently a lot pf people didn’t get the memo, our neighbour just reported a queue to get in to our local. I did a quick shop last night on the way home from the trails, and was amazed to see people are STILL hoovering up the toilet paper. In our little island paradise, a lot of stuff gets imported. But not toilet paper. The stuff is made 40 minutes from where we sit. That last word is possibly missing an H, but this is a family newsletter.  Nzo will go into Lockdown in a close facsimile of...

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Self-isolation the hard way

Weirdness prevails. The world we live in (the one with 24/7 bad news, tumbling share markets and disappearing toilet paper) has gone fairly crazy. Many things we like are cancelled. Lucky for us the things we love are not cancelled. Just to make sure they were still out there, we went and checked. Main beach at the Mount: sparkling in the early autumn sun, plenty of people out acting more or less normal, and by careful manoeuvres we kept them all at a distance of at least three metres. Tauranga cycleways: a quite amazing network with everything a fat road bike could desire. Gravel, dirt, some cooch grass, even a long and twisting boardwalk over a mangrove wetland. The trails...

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Product testing and its downfalls

  We’ll admit it. There are definite upsides to be in the business of bike stuff, and near to a whole heap of trails. People tell us we are very lucky, and we can’t disagree. Just so you don’t think everything around here is perfect, here are two things that happened to me recently, which wouldn’t have happened if I had enough sense to be doing something more sensible with my life. Out testing product (honestly, it needs to be done), and all goes well until halfway down the first bit of Split Enz, where I inhale a bee. Or a wasp, doesn’t really matter. Probably better if was a wasp, I hate killing bees.  It stung me on the...

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