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Why is Nzo closed for now?

Excellent question. The new world of COVID - 19 has presented the single weirdest period in our long and complex history as a small apparel brand adrift on the high seas of global commerce. For four great years we have been making our products with the best people we have ever had the good fortune to work with, and shipping from Hong Kong. About two-thirds of our sales are to people in other places around the world, and it was a good plan to have everything central in a transport hub like HK, but that has become too difficult to manage this year. So we are relocating our warehousing and despatch to Rotorua. It has taken a long time and a...

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Pointless bicycles, and why we ride them

  In case you are feeling less than optimal because of the weather, virus, politicians, current radio, or anything else really, this may help you beat those equinoxial blues. Check out the beautiful, functional, but probably pointless craftsmanship on this bicycle, the closest thing I have seen to a genuine hot rod that isn't a pre-war Ford.  IMAGE NICKED FROM THERADAVIST.COM, A VERY FINE WEBSITE This bike sort of sums up how I feel about bicycles, and a life that revolves around them. I can’t think of a specific outing where the features of this bike would make it the one to choose from a performance standpoint. But still, I can’t stop looking at it. It’s cool, end of story....

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Saving birds and dropping trails

Last week’s highlight was a chance meeting in the woods. I took a visitor for a big lap, showing him a side of the local trails he had not seen previously. One was a dotted line through the primordial jungle that survives on the wilder side of the forest. We heard a kaka on the way up there, and we talked about how various outfits are running trapping programmes in the forest to give the birds a fighting chance. Cats, rats, weasels and possums are just the front runners in a tribe of interlopers who all eat birds, or out compete them for the stuff the birds eat.  At the top of our next climb we met a fellow on...

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The big lap

When I have got time, like three hours or so, and I have enough gas in the tank, I like to do what I regard as a big lap of the local woods here in Rotorua. There are endless variations that can be added in, but the basic touchpoints are the same. I start on the town side of the forest. I ride to the top, the highest road in the joint, and ride through the cathedral of native bush on the trail named for Tuhoto Ariki. After that, I get as close as I can to Rotokakahi, a lake steeped in history and a precious taonga to everybody who lives around here. Then I make my way back to...

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Weird times: are they here to stay?

  2020 has so far been the single weirdest year of our existence as a company. We are sure most of you will have a similar story, but in our case its has been so weird that we had to shut down for a while. The shutdown was called right in the middle of the best period of sales we have experienced since we went online in 2009. Things were going really well, even after we sent a newsletter saying deliveries were going to be slow and unpredictable. We also put the same message on our home page. Those two warnings about less-than-ideal service standards turned out to be the stimulus we have been looking for all along. Orders poured in, which...

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